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Spiral Stair Kit - prices starting at $1,680 for a CODE COMPLIANT SPIRAL - order today from The Barn Door Hardware Store website

Our spiral stair kit provides a high quality and easy to install spiral stair kit manufactured with 12 gauge steel with heavy duty visible welds Made in the USA with easy to configure options that can be shipped out in about 10 to 14 days. These quick ship spiral stairs offer modern and minimalist design that fits within your budget. With no special tools required for installation any DIY homeowner or contractor can install one.

Our 60" diameter Code Compliant Primed Steel Spiral Stair (customization available to fit 85" to 152" heights) is MADE IN AMERICA and designed to comply with Universal Building Code (UBC), International Fire Code (IFC), Building Officials Code Administrators International (BOCA) and International Residential Code (IRC).

NOTE: Other diameters available, please call or email us for more information and to place an order. 814-315-2475 ask for Bethany or Jon.

spiral stair kits

Jon, the owner of The Barn Door Hardware Store has sold spiral stairs for over a decade and has personally sold hundreds of spiral staircases in every imaginable diameter, height, and level of customization. 75% of all spirals sold are 60" code complaint stairs with smooth steel treads at about 108" in height. We can help you with your project, decipher the mystery of spiral and get a MADE IN AMERICA spiral stair kit shipped to you in approx 2 weeks! Call Us today for personal assistance and help from an experienced sales pros. 814-315-2475.

This Steel Spiral Stair Code Compliant Primed Steel kit includes:

A standard black primer finish is included in the cost of the stair. A very high quality primer is used that will prepare the stair for paint to be applied once it is installed. In some instances customers who do not plan on using the stair very often or it is installed in a place where it is not seen actually leave the primer as the only paint coat due to its high quality. We often hear that people think the primer coat is all they need once they see it and depending upon where and how often it is used.

Additional platform rail?
One railing section is included standard with the spiral stair kit that extends from the pole along one side of the platform. Add an additional platform rail section to your stair platform to create a parallel or L-shaped ( 90 degree) handrail configuration on the platform. This is used when one side of the platform will not be against a wall, such as when the platform is installed in the middle of a deck or balcony. 

Freight is $300 and allows for business or residential delivery BUT does not include "LIFTGATE" charges which may be necessary. LIFTGATE service will add $75 to freight charge if needed.If you buy a welded, one-piece sprail stair you can epxect to pay at least $1,000 for shipping and then you have a 400# monster that needs 4 workers to carry and install. SAVE THE HASSLE, BUY A KIT!

NOTE: Always check with you local code enforcement officer for local code requirements.

Height Range Base Price - 
does NOT include delivery*
Number Rises/Treads Degree of Rotation

Minimum Finished Opening Size

Platform Size Clear Walking Path
85" - 95" $1680 10 / 9 270° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
93" - 104" $1860 11 / 10 300° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
101" - 114" $2040 12 / 11 330° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
110" - 123" $2220 13 / 12 360° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
119" - 133" $2440 14 / 13 390° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
127" - 142" $2630 15 / 14 420° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"
136" - 152" $2860 16 / 15 450° 62" x 62" 31" x 31" 26"

OPTIONS - We offer many varieties of spiral stairs with many options, all at additional price, including closed tread ends ($150), riser bars to comply with less than 4" spacing between treads ($420), checkerplate treads ($450), oak tread covers unfinished ($1200) and black powdercoating ($1800). Please email for more details. All options cost more when height or diameter increases.

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